Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

Woohoo for Halloween, one of my favorite holidays! This bunch sure does enjoy Halloween and everything that comes with it! We were excited to spend this Halloween in our new neighborhood and see what it's all about. We had high expectations coming from our old 'hood. Halloween was always great there, so we were hopeful that there would be plenty of fun to be had in our new spot as well. We were definitely not disappointed. I should have known after the 4th of July block party that it would be amazing. Well, I know now. It started on Saturday afternoon when Suzy the face painter came to visit. Evidently she's been coming to our block for like 15 years to paint faces. Not just the kids, but the grown-ups, too. We headed down the street to have our faces painted, and it was great because I had already planned to do Callan's face in camo, and she did it for me. Score!

zombie, witch, army guy, and werewolf
This was the first year that Brody and Leyton chose to be scary for Halloween. They looked great, but I think they realized that masks are more annoying than anything. Callan saw this army guy suit at Costco and fell in love with all the accessories that came with it, so he was sold. And I had planned to dress Emme as a witch since before she was born. I had actually purchased that cute little witch hat while she was in my belly and knew I would use it in the next couple of years. I attached it to a black headband and it stayed on great. She loved dressing up!

Before we went out trick-or-treating, we joined a bunch of neighbors down the street for a Chili & Corn Dog Feast. It was so much fun to see all the kiddos dressed up and enjoy some yummy eats before hitting the streets.

Brad took the boys to meet some of Brody's friends, and they had a blast. Brody came home with no less than 10 full size candy bars and more candy overall than I've ever seen. I took Emme just around our block before we headed home to give out candy. She got into trick-or-treating right away and was just so cute. When we made it back home to hand out candy, she quickly realized how that worked and loved helping me hand out treats to all the trick-or-treaters.

Our neighborhood was party central. Everyone was out. Fire pits everywhere. People handing out beers and spiked apple cider to the parents. A golf cart covered in lights with costumed riders. There was even music and a disco ball. The weather was absolutely perfect--not too cold as it sometimes can be this time of year. I didn't want it to end.

I would have stayed out longer, but I probably would have looked like this jack-o-lantern the next day. :) Happy Halloween, ya'll!

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